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Outreach... Bringing nano knowledge to K-12 students, educators, and industry

During summer and throughout the year, children, youth, and K-12 teachers are delving into the facts and promise of nanotechnology through programs sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Penn State.

Nanotech Camps


Throughout the year, students in grade 7 and above are invited to attend 1-day camps at University Park to receive an introduction to nanotechnology. Lunch and workshops are provided at no charge. Transportation and chaperones are the responsibility of the student sponsoring group, which may include schools, churches or civic organizations.

For students in 9th grade and above, 3-day summer nano camps offer more in-depth opportunities for looking into careers, education and the details of nanotechnology fabrication and application.

Three-day workshops for educators are also available several times each year, offering hands-on experience and an overview of the research areas and applications of nanotechnology.

See to learn more about programs offered through the Center for Nanoscale Education and Utilization.

Wizards and Wonders

Penn State's Center for Nanoscale Science communicates the excitement of science and technology at the nanoscale through summer day camps for grades K-3 and day or residence camps for students entering grades 4 through 8. The popular Harry Potter theme camps explore the wonders of science through the lens of the JK Rowling novels featuring wizards, spells and magical potions.

The Education and Outreach programs at the Center for Nanoscale Science provide opportunities for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in science to learn about how nanoscience touches our lives and how cutting edge research could change our world in the future.

To learn more about educational and out reach opportunities at the Center for Nanoscale Science visit

For one-week teacher workshops for science educators visit

Nanofabrication Workshops for Industry

Workshops for industry cover the basic fabrication approaches of nanotechnology, their use in manufacturing, and current and future directions in nanotechnology. Attendees are often managers and technical specialists from companies who are using or intend to use nanotechnology in their manufacturing processes.

For more information see www.cneu.psu,edu/industry.html