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Collaborative Research: The Secret Key to the Secrets of Nanoscience

Nanotechnology is proving to be a remarkable tool for breaking down the traditional walls between colleges and departments on the university campus. At Penn State, cross-campus collaboration is the norm when it comes to nanotechnology research. Going beyond the University gates, Penn State researchers carry on full-scale collaborations with other research universities around the world. To date, sixty-one universities have performed research at Penn State's nanotechnology user facilities, including every research university located within the Commonwealth.

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In addition to academic collaborations, Penn State is also a national leader in partnering with industry. In the latest NSF rankings, Penn State ranked second in the nation in industry funded research. Industry partners in Centers across campus contribute to the support, help direct the research, and often provide their own research scientists to assist in the development of products and techniques with economic value. This university/industry collaboration benefits undergraduate and graduate students by giving them the opportunity to work on real-life nanotechnology applications, often across disciplines.

At Penn State, collaborative research in nanoscience is promoted through seed grants and co-funding of faculty by the University's strategic research initiatives, which include the Huck Institute of the Life Sciences, the Materials Research Institute, and the Institutes of the Environment. The cross-fertilization of ideas between the materials and life sciences is on display each year at CrossOver, a two-day event that brings together Penn State researchers and industry representatives to explore the latest breakthroughs at the nano and macro scale.

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